IT Cloud Infrastructure Engineer based in Central Florida


Strong desire to secure, streamline, & maintain ones technological needs. Proactive in learning more during my own free time.


The "IT infrastructure" consisted of a consumer-grade router connected to a consumer-grade 24-port switch. Wi-Fi was also provided via said router. A network attached storage (NAS) was used as a central file storage server.


Fast forward six years, the IT infrastructure now consists of a more enterprise-grade network stack (firewall, switches, and wireless access points). The server is running a type-1 hypervisor hosting various services and internal business applications. Snapshot and file-based backups are done on the 12-bay network attached storage over a 10Gb link.


After nearly eight years with the same employer, I was presented with a new opportunity to take over as the IT Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at a local automative and tech business. Cue my transition to the cloud, where most of their infrastructure had been migrated to.


Central Florida


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